Road to reorganization

When people hear that a reorganization is in the works, there’s a tendency to think it means a new org chart. While structure is critically important, organizational redesign is so much bigger than inserting names in boxes and determining reporting relationships. A redesign is all about understanding an organization’s operating model and aligning its structure, […]

Resigility’s unwritten mantra

While Resigility is best known for driving resilience and agility in client organizations and communities, there’s an unwritten mantra that also defines the company: getting things done and overcoming challenges. I rely on this ability in my work with clients and as an Assistant Scoutmaster for my son’s Boy Scout troop. Two recent examples from […]

Celebrating Resigility’s seventh anniversary

About a week or so ago Resigility celebrated its seventh anniversary, and I wanted to take a moment to reflect on how much progress the company has made in its relatively brief history. After founding Resigility in 2015, our then-CEO Patricia Obermaier brought me aboard in October 2016 as vice president of Client Services. Having […]

Creating a new world of inclusion and community

Over the last eight years, I’ve become widely known among family, friends, clients, colleagues and even casual acquaintances as the volunteer gymnastics and cheer coach for Special Olympics Northern Virginia. That’s because I talk a lot—possibly too much—about the magnitude of happiness, pleasure and fulfilment I receive from working with Special Olympics athletes. I’ve had the […]

Managing resistance to change

Change is hard. We all experience the challenge of change, whether getting a preschooler (or high- school student, for that matter!) to put on their shoes or, in my work, helping clients improve efficiency. Resistance is the underlying factor that prevents change. As a management consulting firm, Resigility is often asked to help clients develop […]

Pursuing effective communication

Nobel Prize winner George Bernard Shaw once wrote, “The single biggest problem in communication is the illusion that it has taken place.” Whether connecting in person or by email, phone or video call, we can still miss the mark despite the variety of communication methods available today. Pursuing effective communication can be the difference between […]


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