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Book review: ‘We the Possibility’

At Resigility, we see ourselves as true partners in driving government innovation. We’re often called upon to assist public sector clients to adapt and overcome organizational challenges, not least of which are those resulting from the COVID-19 pandemic. As such, we keep up with the latest literature around management, transformation and strategy to ensure

Book review: ‘We the Possibility’2021-08-20T13:44:51-04:00

The integral role of data in organizational success

I’d like to introduce Resigility readers to Jonathan Adams, a new and valued member of our team. Jonathan brings extensive experience helping clients transform their data management practices, create a data culture, and use data and analytics to enhance decision-making and results. His skills and background complement Resigility’s overall focus on driving market, business

The integral role of data in organizational success2021-08-02T15:45:40-04:00

Creating a paradigm shift in organizational culture

By Karen Marlo, President, Resigility, and Michelle Blouse, Founder and Partner, Eutemia The saying “change is hard” is especially applicable to adapting organizational cultures. Case in point: our current work with a government agency to build an open culture encouraging diversity of thought and new ideas, enabling decision-making at all levels and instilling accountability.

Creating a paradigm shift in organizational culture2021-07-01T16:50:37-04:00

Celebrating Service, Smiles and Salsa

Celebrating service, smiles and salsa May 27, 2021 In a previous blog, I shared how our Resigility team has overcome remote work challenges and created some virtual fun and camaraderie by acknowledging offbeat “day” or “month” observances. This coming Monday, we’ll celebrate traditional as well as unconventional occasions, including: Memorial Day, to pay tribute to

Celebrating Service, Smiles and Salsa2021-05-27T15:58:19-04:00

Making virtual onboarding and telework work

What a difference a year makes! Thinking back to March 2020, our country was in the initial phase of addressing a highly contagious global pandemic. Most U.S. businesses, government agencies and schools were closing, and moving to remote work and learning. Today, it’s clear that telework isn’t going away. Having frequently worked from home

Making virtual onboarding and telework work2021-03-17T12:13:53-04:00

The benefit of going “meetingless”

The coronavirus has certainly challenged organizational resilience and agility in new and different ways – the transition to remote work, reliance on virtual technology tools and the lack of face-to-face interaction are just a few workplace impacts. One of the biggest issues – before the pandemic and especially now – is the number of

The benefit of going “meetingless”2021-02-17T14:25:39-05:00

Resilience and agility: more important than ever

Our Resigility team had many opportunities in 2020 to demonstrate our company name, a combination of “resilience” and “agility.” We also had the good fortune of helping our clients use these core attributes to quickly adapt and overcome challenges, especially those resulting from the pandemic. That’s why I wanted to start the new year

Resilience and agility: more important than ever2021-02-08T14:35:38-05:00

The President’s Proudest Moment in 2020

As we get ready to close out 2020, I have thought about how to evaluate this year. Of course, this year has challenged our communities, our country and the world. The pandemic has upended every aspect of our lives. Normally, I would look at the year and think about how successful we were. Did

The President’s Proudest Moment in 20202020-12-31T12:08:23-05:00

Giving Thanks by Supporting Others

When Resigility was started five years ago, a key part of our mission was to support the communities we work and live in. Each year, Resigility employees take time off to volunteer with Special Olympics, Boy and Girl Scouts, soup kitchens and local schools. However, this year many of those opportunities just couldn’t happen.

Giving Thanks by Supporting Others2020-12-31T12:09:40-05:00

Book Recommendations During the Pandemic

Resigility staff recommend the following books to read in 2020:   The Book of Joy The Dalai Lama and Archbishop Desmond Tutu with Douglas Abrams In this inspiring book, the Dalai Lama and Bishop Desmond Tutu partake in a conversation with Douglas Abrams acting as 'narrator.' These leaders share their beliefs on how to

Book Recommendations During the Pandemic2020-08-19T13:26:47-04:00
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