Celebrating service, smiles and salsa

May 27, 2021

In a previous blog, I shared how our Resigility team has overcome remote work challenges and created some virtual fun and camaraderie by acknowledging offbeat “day” or “month” observances. This coming Monday, we’ll celebrate traditional as well as unconventional occasions, including:

  • Memorial Day, to pay tribute to those who sacrificed their lives while serving in the U.S. military.
  • National Smile Day, which reminds us to smile, even when things aren’t going our way.
  • The final day of National Salsa Month – muy caliente!

I thought I’d share why these three seemingly disparate commemorative events have meaning for us and enable our team to better support Resigility clients.

A time of remembrance

Memorial Day, which started as Decoration Day after the Civil War and became a federal holiday 50 years ago, is a time of remembrance for the women and men in uniform who gave their lives to protect our freedom. It’s also a great day to thank those currently serving in the military and veterans for defending our nation. Resigility is honored to work with several defense-related government agencies, so we have even more reason to extend sincere appreciation to service members, past and present.

Unofficially, Memorial Day marks the beginning of summer, when school is out, vacations abound and sunny, warm weather is the norm. As you celebrate Memorial Day 2021 and the start of a new season, please take a moment to thank and salute the brave soldiers who died in service to our country.

There’s always something positive to smile about

Although Resigility has not previously celebrated National Smile Day, this relatively unknown holiday aligns with our brand, which combines the attributes of resilience and agility – core competencies we use to help clients adapt to change, transform their strategy into action, quickly address problems and, yes, smile about results.

My take on National Smile Day is that it’s more than a silly holiday to share a smile or consider our oral health. It’s a reminder to be grateful for all that’s good, even in tough times. I admire people who seem to have a constant smile on their face, such as our own Joi Ricks, whose grin and upbeat personality generate the same feeling as her first name. On Monday and throughout National Smile Month, which runs to June 17, remember there’s always something positive to smile about.

National Salsa Month

One way I’m hoping to bring smiles to our team this weekend is by celebrating the close of May’s National Salsa Month. I recently sent salsa tasting kits to each Resigility employee as a tie-in with this little-known month and to acknowledge the hard work everyone is putting in to ensure client delivery and success. And who can resist this spicy Mexican sauce that’s a perfect complement to so many foods?

I started these periodic gifts related to obscure events last year to keep our team connected and engaged as we transitioned from in person to full-time telework. Sharing gestures related to quirky holidays has helped us enjoy a shared virtual experience and enhanced our teamwork that’s so necessary to advancing client objectives.

This Memorial Day, I hope you’ll join Resigility in celebrating service, smiles and salsa by breaking out the red, white and blue – U.S. flags as well as tomato-based salsa with white- and blue-corn tortilla chips – smiling over all the good things in life, and, most important, recognizing our military heroes.

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Karen Marlo
President, Resigility