When Resigility was started five years ago, a key part of our mission was to support the communities we work and live in. Each year, Resigility employees take time off to volunteer with Special Olympics, Boy and Girl Scouts, soup kitchens and local schools.

However, this year many of those opportunities just couldn’t happen. As a result, the Resigility team was challenged with what they could do to support our communities. Our amazing team in Atlanta set out to figure out a way to make an impact. They learned of an urgent need of a local elementary school, Hawthorne Elementary School.  Hawthorne Elementary, located south of the city of Atlanta found itself with a dilemma. With school budgets strained during the pandemic, the administration was able to ensure students had laptops but there was no money left for the headphones with mics, a key piece of equipment needed for children to fully participate in virtual learning. 

Resigility was excited to step in and donate headphones. As the administration of Hawthorne said, “Your donation was an answered prayer.”  Making an impact in a local community and helping to develop the workforce of the future was an honor for everyone at Resigilty. By giving back, we build stronger communities.